Garden To Table: A Guide to Microgreens and Their Benefits

Garden To Table: A Guide to Microgreens and Their Benefits

Thought microgreens are just for garnishing? Well, think again! Bursting with nutrients, splashed with vibrant hues, and packed with flavours, these tiny but mighty greens deserve to be the main event of your dinner table!




If you’re new to the microgreen world and want to explore their small but mighty benefits and nutritions, look no further! We’re here to talk a little bit about Microgreens, their convenience and benefits so that way you can start integrating these greens into your life! But before we get started on how great it is to go Micro, let’s answer the biggest question: what even are microgreens? 


In the briefest of ways, they’re a tiny but mighty green of the plant world. When seeds of veggies and herbs first start to germinate and are just a few inches tall, they’re actually at their prime nutritional state and are thus then harvested to keep those dense nutrients intact in their tiny forms. So the smaller the green, the greater the nutritional means, if you think about it that way!


Now that you know a little about microgreens, we’ll talk about why these smaller greens are just what you need at your dinner table!  


First and foremost, you can grow microgreens all on your own! It gives the whole “farm to table” a whole different meaning when the farm is literally perched in your window! Just grab yourself a microgreen growing kit and get to growing! Even the most novice of gardeners out there can take a crack at microgreens, they’re incredibly easy to grow from their seedling state to the next phase, which is the micro phase! Once they’re around an inch or three at most, just snip it and bam, you’ve got yourself some radish or pea shoots to have in your salad or dinner. Of course, it does take a little time to germinate but the nutritional benefits are definitely with the wait! Microgreens are said to have up to 40 times the amount of vitamins that their fully developed counterparts have, now isn’t that something? All those minerals and vitamins compacted into those tiny greens and straight into your body. Not only are all those nutrients bundled up inside those tiny greens but so is all that flavor! So not only are microgreens nutritious, they’re also delicious, AND you can grow them yourself to control your own greens the way you want them grown? There’s truly no downside to microgreens! Convenient and easy to prepare, with a little lovin’ and care, you’ll have yourself sunflower shoots and broccoli as the microgreen growing kit comes with all you need to start your growing, all you need is some sunlight and love, and a little patience, of course!    


So there you have it, folks, a little about microgreens and all their crazy good benefits! Have a great time with your micro gardening!


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