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Tucan Holistic

What did the tucan say to the parrot? No need to repeat yourself, you tu-can enjoy Tucan Holistic’s gluten-free, no sugar added dried fruit snacks!

Tucan Holistic founder Zied Slimane had his life shifted upside down in his early 20’s when he was diagnosed with a brain malformation after he moved from his country to come to Canada. His life had gone through a myriad of challenges with this harrowing diagnosis; battling with countless CT scans, MRIs, doctor visits, among many other challenges, he had thought for a considerable amount of time that this was going to be how his life would be like from now on, until his life had yet shifted again when he met Emmy, who would later become his wife, who was a lifelong Montessori Educator and a certified Holistic Nutritionist and had done a complete upheaval of their kitchen into a haven of whole foods! And for the first time in a long while, Zied realized that his life could be so much more with the right ingredients and the right foods, thus, in 2021, Zied and Emmy had pooled their knowledge together to re-hash Tucan Holistic, which was first formed in 2011, with this new mission to bring to light the properties and healing benefits of wholesome eating with ingredients locally sourced. With the shift in mission for his company, so did the shift in his life, and in September 2023, he had become medication free, but this doesn’t mean his journey of acquiring and evolving stops here, with this new outlook and his health in the best shape its ever been, he’s only been more encouraged to touch into different fields or agriculture like regenerative farming to support local products and to promote sustainability! 



Tucan Holistic’s vacuum sealed dried fruit snacks are made with wholesome, non-GMO ingredients! Plant based and gluten-free, you can enjoy dried fruit chips in a whole new way, from jackfruit to salak snake fruit, expand your palette with these AIP and Paleo-friendly fruit snacks! Enjoy them on their own or add to a salad, the possibilities are endless!