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Green Bowl

Green Bowl Food’s high in protein, ready to eat meals are the perfect and easy to prepare meal! Vegan friendly and with no added sugars, these nutritious and delicious meals are made with upcycled ingredients!

Green Bowl Food’s co-founders Max and Behnoush were driven by the unrelenting need to make the food wastage decrease, especially after years of seeing firsthand in their careers as food scientists all the nutritious byproducts and ingredients going to waste. Both having a shared passion for food and wanting to find ways within their own capabilities to transform the food landscape in such a way that would allow them to better care for the planet, they created something special and founded Green Bowl Foods! Using entirely upcycled ingredients, Green Bowl’s ongoing mission is to create both tasty and sustainable meals to not only help the planet but also to help the ongoing food crisis because even the smallest of changes can go a long way! At Green Bowl Foods, they believe that delicious, nutritious and ready-to-eat meals can be part of the solution. 



With a commitment to incorporate at least 30% of upcycled ingredients in every meal to promote sustainability, Green Bowl’s upcycled, plant based meals are high fiber, high protein meals that are easy to prepare, just pop into the microwave or heat on a stove top for a few minutes and you’ve got yourself a nutritious and delicious meal!