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Atkins is all about eating right, not eating less! Their high protein, low carb chips are packed with flavor, fiber and protein so you can snack mindfully and feel great about it.

Atkins came to be with a simple mission in mind; to change the food relationship mentality that most of everyone has from “eating less” to “eating right”. Through innovative products and advocating for healthier and better food choices, Atkins is playing their part in creating a healthier relationship with food because the conventional and outdated wisdom on management of nutritional intake had been so focused on eating less rather than mindful eating. With the ever evolving world of nutrition, the mentality of the modern diet had slowly started to shift to more mindful eating; healthy fats, high protein, low carb, all engineered in a way, not to make people eat less but eat better and Atkins is one of the brands that supports this food movement by providing both nutritious and delicious snacks and food for the masses!  


Atkins low carb, high protein chips will become the “it” snack to keep stocked in your pantry, if you can even keep it in your snack pantry for long before it gets gobbled up by someone else! Gluten-free, keto-friendly and high fiber, say hello to more mindful eats with Atkins snacks.