Sweetwell Keto Meringue Bites Chocolate, 40g

Why You’ll Love It

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Now that we have your attention we’d like to tell you all about our guilt-free chocolate obsession. These keto-friendly chocolate meringue bites are the most enjoyable way to satisfy your sweet tooth without ruining your diet. Airy and crisp, this gluten-free snack is pure indulgence without remorse. Packed with 5g of fibre and only 1g of net carb per serving, this low-calorie sweet treat is binge-worthy. And, with only 1 calorie per piece, you can feel free to eat the whole thing!


Egg Whites, polydextrose, isomalt, soluble corn fiber, chicory root fiber, cocoa, vanilla extract, and stevia

Contains egg.

Made in a facility that processes peanuts and other tree nuts.