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No need to say “um” about your protein when you can say “un”MEAT, the plant based protein designed to look, cook and taste like meat just without the meat! Completely shelf stable, these easy to prepare plant based proteins will be the headliners of your pantry.

unMEAT has a simple goal in mind, to make a more sustainable and responsible future! unMEAT came into fruition by a known company called CENTURY PACIFIC FOOD INC, that manufactures protein goods. With the know-how of producing high protein foods, they have opted to break into the vegan, plant based market by launching the subsidiary brand called unMEAT to nourish every customer, because every customer should get in those necessary proteins, nutrients and minerals without compromise. After arduous trials and brainstorming sessions, they launched their unMEAT product line where it took positively to the masses who were looking for an adequate protein alternative to meats. With a wide range of products to choose from, you never have to worry about finding the right protein for you again.



unMEAT is here with non-GMO soy protein that mimics and does one better on the meats that you know and may have given up on, now you don’t have to! With unMEAT, you can have your plant-based protein and enjoy it too! Juicy and tender to the bite, and with loads of protein and fiber, no more struggling to fill in your protein quota for the day! Get ready to turn your plates into culinary delights with unMEAT.