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It’s time to spread JOYA! Decadent, indulgent and not to mention functional chocolates that can help support your mind and body’s wellness! Every vegan friendly, low FODMAP chocolate bar is curated carefully with wellness at the forefront with zero compromises.
  1. Retail Price 6,49 CA$ Our Price 5,49 CA$ (Save 15%)
  2. Retail Price 6,49 CA$ Our Price 5,49 CA$ (Save 15%)
  3. Retail Price 6,49 CA$ Our Price 5,49 CA$ (Save 15%)
  4. Retail Price 6,49 CA$ Our Price 5,49 CA$ (Save 15%)
  5. Retail Price 6,49 CA$ Our Price 5,49 CA$ (Save 15%)

Stressed out corporate lawyer Ruth Elnekave had been at her wits end with her job, though it was something she loved doing, she also realized just how much of a mental, physical and emotional stress her body was taking on every day and when her health started to get more compromised, she decided to do better by her mind and body and left law to study holistic nutrition. Not only was she introduced to different methods of holistic medicines and the benefits of powerful herbs, but she was able to use what she’d learned and integrated that into her healing process. As she’d begun her new path of healing but also in her career, she’d found that medicinal herbs had tasted like, well, medicine, and that there was little in the way of products that could support her bodily health in a holistic way that was on the market in a more accessible and enjoyable way. When she realized that she could use her knowledge to fill this gap that she, and many other people were encountering, she decided to do so by creating JOYA that has better ingredients, zero sacrifices and not to mention delicious and adventurous flavors! 



JOYA’s functional, AIP and vegan friendly chocolate bars are going to be your next favorite chocolates! Rich and decadent and made with non-GMO ingredients, you can en-JOYA some chocolate with an added nutritional bonus, the best of both worlds, we say!