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Bob Snail

Bob Snail

Bob Snail is here and they’re all about healthy snacking’ for the youngins but also for adults who want to have a taste of nostalgia. From fruit tape rolls to keep you rolling with the good times to jellies that’ll fill your bellies, Bob Snail will keep your pantry full throughout the school year!
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Bob Snail in a nutshell, or snail shell rather, is all about healthy eating! With a variety of snacks that come in all different shapes, textures and flavors, your kiddos and your taste buds will have an adventure just like the Bob Snail, who’s having a little adventure of their own every day, all while still being healthy! With all natural, non-GMO ingredients, and no added sugars, Bob Snail’s snacks are gluten and grain free goodies that your kiddos can bring to school for snack time and even share with friends! 



What’s better than a snack for your kids? A healthy snack that tastes just as good! With no artificial colors, preservatives or flavors, Bob Snail’s snacks are made with 100% natural ingredients and contain no added sugars!