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Coffee & Tea

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If there’s one thing we never want to go without, it’s our morning cup of goodness! Some might say that we’re addicted to freshly brewed coffee or a relaxing tea, but can you blame us? The smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning, paired with the perfect vegan creamer, frothed to perfection, mmm, we’re getting excited just thinking about it! No matter what day it is, you know that we’ll always have our favourite mug in arms reach for a cup of rich, vegan hot cocoa or a fresh cup of keto-friendly coffee. Whether warm or iced, we’ll always be ready with our coffee or tea by our side. And, if we’re feeling cozy, we’ll reach for delicious dairy-free hot chocolate, or if we’re in the mood for something relaxing and soothing, our mushroom drinks always know what to do! Whether we’re at home or on the go, we’ve got the goods for all occasions! Our instant organic coffee is perfect for chaotic mornings, and our canned lattes too! Now, sip back and relax, we've got the perfect drink for you too!